Bourjois - my favourite eye makeup remover

Know what I find super annoying? Eye makeup that leaves me with horrible panda eyes even though I was absolutely sure that I’d washed off all traces of it the night before. Which, incidentally, is why I don’t wear waterproof mascara; I have a hard enough time as it is removing the regular kind :)

In the past the only eye makeup remover I ever used was Bi-facil by Lancome but at around £19 for 125mls I had been on the lookout for something cheaper that works just as well.
After buying and trying many many different products I’ve finally found one that I absolutely love
This was an impulse purchse cos I happened to be picking up some Bourjois mascara and lipgloss and I spotted this for the bargain price of £4.99. The reason it grabbed my attention is that it actually looks just like the Bi-facil one; a two-phase formula that combines oil and water when it’s shaken up

I bought this at the start of December and have been using it daily since then yet there’s only about a centimetre out of the bottle. You only need the smallest amount on a cotton pad or ball and it quickly and gently removes all makeup. Even when I’ve gone a bit over the top with a new gel liner, mascara and/or kohl liner this removes everything soooo easily and doesn’t leave a horrible residue

This will last me ages but I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when I’ve run out!
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