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Good evening all and Happy Friday!! I’m so glad the weekend is finally here cos that was one of the longest most boring weeks ever! I’m actually staying in Adryens from now till Sunday and we intend to do as little as possible; there’ll be nothing but rubbish tv with lots of delicious food. Bliss :)

Over the last couple of months I’ve actually come across loads of fantastic new beauty goodies and have even discovered a couple of new brands, which have quickly become firm favourites but as always there’s been a couple of purchases that haven’t been quite so successful!

I know one persons trash is another persons treasure and some people might absolutely adore these but they just don’t do anything for me at all :(
Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Make-up Remover

I’d heard loads of great things about this and was won over by the price and gorgeous fresh and natural sounding description. Unfortunately it absolutely doesn’t do what it says on the tin. This supposedly “gently removes all makeup, even waterproof” but I had to rub and rub at my eyes to actually remove anything at all – even a fine slick of eyeliner and 1 coat of (non-waterproof) mascara was too much for this too manage

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Blush

Dunno why I keep buying these? I haven’t come across a single one that shows up well on my skin. I’m incredibly pale so have bought a couple of light pinky/peachy shades but these are practically non-existent when applied so I end up with very little colour and very noticeable pores. Nice

MAC Zoom Lash

Talk about overrated! I’ve had this recommended to me by soooo many people I figured it was pretty much a guaranteed success. Not so much. I got a mini version as part of a gift set and was really keen to try this but I’m not keen on the brush, find the product too wet and also dislike the way it makes my lashes difficult to separate… I’ve worn this quite a few times to see if it grows on me but I’m just newly disappointed every time I try it

GOSH Natural Touch Foundation

I was extremely disappointed by this foundation as I’m a massive fan of the entire GOSH range and previous to this purchase I hadn’t ever disliked a single one of their products. There isn’t one particular thing that I dont like about this but the combination of rubbish coverage, lifeless finish and crap staying power make me regret buying it. To be fair it isn’t that much worse than a lot of drugstore foundations I’ve tried in the past but there just aren’t enough redeeming features for me to be even slightly impressed by it

Contas Premium
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