My top 5 drugstore mascaras

I’m a massive fan of drugstore products anyway but when it comes to mascaras I almost never buy high-end ones. I just end up feeling like it’s a waste because I change my mascara every couple of months or so for hygiene reasons so I’d hate to feel like I wasn’t getting my moneys worth!

If someone asked me what kind of mascara wand I like best (might not sound like the most scintillating conversation but I reckon it would be riveting!) I’d say a standard straight, thin, old fashioned, synthetic bristle brush one. Yet absolutely none of those made it into my top 5 :/

All the items mentioned are ones that I’ve used consistently for weeks or months at a time with absolutely no problems

My most common complaint when it comes to mascaras is that they’re too wet… I dunno if many other people find this but a lot of the most highly rated ones (Clinique, Too Faced, Benefit and Maybellines Falsies) are just waaay to wet and make it hard to separate and lengthen the lashes

Each of the products listed below give me thick, long, dark well-separated lashes that don’t flake. Which is all I really ask of a mascara :) Oh and the ones I have are all in black!

5th - Rimmels sexy curves in intense

4th - AVONs super curlacious diamonds

3rd - Maybellines define-a-lash

2nd - No7s extreme Length

1st - Max Factor lash extension effect

Are there any mascaras that you swear by or feel are completely underrated? ♥
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