Playboy lipglosses - tacky but awesome

If someone asked me to name the tackiest brands I could think of I have to admit that Playboy would probably take the top spot. It’s just so…so…Tacky. See? I can’t even think of another word to describe it :)

But I like to think I’m pretty open minded so when I spotted these little Playboy lipglosses I figured they’d be worth a try

As you can probably guess I really wasn’t expecting much from them but I fell in love the minute I opened the first one… The smell is absolutely sensational! It’s really familiar and reminds me of when I was a kid but I can’t quite place it. Got my sister to have a sniff of them too and she recognised the scent but, like me, couldn’t place it. She loved it so much I gave her the clear gloss I’d picked up with this lot

Other than the extremely tacky packaging I can’t fault these! The colours are lovely on and although they look very similar in the pic there is a definite variation in the shades. They come with a hint of shimmer but the glitter particles are teensy so you just get a gorgeous hint of glitter in the light but it doesn’t look tacky (there’s that word again)

None of my glosses last a particularly long time – thanks to my constant water drinking as opposed to the products – so I’ve generally reapplied these every couple of hours to ensure they look neat n fresh

If you happen to stumble across these on any future shopping trips I definitely recommend swatching - and smelling - them to see what you think. I reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised! ♥
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