Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I had to work yesterday and I’d planned to watch a film at Adryens afterwards… About 5 minutes after the film started I was sleeping like a baby. Not really the most exciting Saturday night ever, eh? :)

I did a post about my favourite mascaras recently and allthatspink1 asked about the Rimmel Sexy Curves so I figured I’d do a little review on it…

I know this is completely shallow but the packaging is the sole reason I bought this. I love the purple colour and the shape of the bottle just looks gorgeous! Thankfully it’s actually a great mascara so for once I’m glad I picked something up based solely on how it looks

The brush has rubber bristles and is quite small and thin compared with a lot of the newer “volumising” brushes that have appeared on the market recently. For some reason companies seem to think giant brushes that are so big you can barely get to the bottom of your lashes are the way to go, which is beyond me.

I like a wand that is precise enough to allow me to apply mascara right into the corner lashes and also on my bottom ones. I guess the biggest difference between this and most other mascaras is that the wand itself has “curves” which is supposed to give fuller curvier lashes
As far as I’m concerned the most important (and best) thing about this mascara is the actual formula as opposed to the brush – it’s intensely dark, not too wet, not clumpy and coats each lash easily with one smooth stroke

The curling effect is really rather good… I never bother with curlers because I’m a bit of a lazy sod but this gave them a lasting curl that actually looked really flattering and dramatic. Ever see those fluttery, girly eye lashes in the magazine ads? Well it didn’t actually look anything like that but it was still extremely pretty :)

Also, it lasted ages! By the end of the day my lashes were still extremely dark and curled, there wasn’t even any flaking and absolutely no clumping. Always a good thing in my book. So overall I would definitely recommend this, especially considering the price is so reasonable ♥
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