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So you know how I was saying I want to give away all my unwanted makeup? And how I also want to do more for charity? (one of my resolutions) Well the two kinda come together here!

I’m gonna list and number a selection of stuff below. It’s (mostly) used makeup that I no longer want and I’d like it to go to a good home so if you see anything that tickles your fancy just leave the number of the item(s) you’d like in a comment along with your email address

I can’t imagine there’ll be many requests for this as it’s not like an actual giveaway or anything so if more than 1 person wants an item I’ll just draw the names out of a hat on the 8th of Jan. The reason this is a “good deed” on my part is because the money I’d normally spend on all my fantastically pretty cosmetics will be paying the postage for all you lovely people to receive these items – this is international so anyone can leave a comment :)

You’ll notice I’ve added a donate button on the right side of my blog… When I suggested giving stuff away a lot of you recommended a blog sale but I figured this way you could donate a few pennies if you’re feeling particularly generous, even the smallest amount would be appreciated – but of course it’s absolutely, positively, definitely not obligatory even if you request loads of the items below!

Any donations will be going to the Dogs Trust.

I’m gonna be giving loads of stuff away over the coming months (might throw in a blog sale or 2 as well) so if you don’t see anything you like below feel free to stop by in future for a nosy ♥
1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in Warm Ivory. Wasted £28 on this as I’ve only used it once. Hate the colour so I bought it in the next shade up and totally love it. My skin is extremely pale so if you aren’t sure of the shade have a look at the Bobbi Brown website!
2. Max Factor Beyond Length mascara in Burnished Brown. This is still sealed (with the little sticker thingy in place) N07 lipglosses – I’ve swatched these but they’re given away as GWP items so I have a couple of each shade already
3. Benefit Bad Gal eye pencil in black. Never used. The girl at the Benefit counter talked me into spending £14 on this even though I can’t stand chunky eye pencils (this is at least twice as thick as a regular eye pencil) but I know some people adore this so I'm sure someone will get some use out of it!
4. Clinique Even better foundation SPF 15 in Alabaster. Used this twice. Cant stand Clinique foundations so I really should stop buying them :/
5. Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in shade 52/medium (used once) and NYC concealer foundation stick in creamy beige (never used) I just know I’m not gonna use these… 6. Estee Lauder blush/bronzer trio. I've used the middle blush a few times and swatched the others. The colours look hideous on me, shame really cos it's actually quite a cute palette :(
7. Stila eyeshadow quad in Marrakesh. Swatched the colours once and I have about 20 single eyeshadows that are pretty much the same so I’m never gonna bother using this 8. MUA blush in shade 2 (swatched once) lip gloss in shade 1 (never used) and mascara in shade 4 (never used) Would you judge me if I said I own so much of the MUA stuff that I bought these not realising I already own them?
9. These were all GWP items that I wont use. Lancome cleansing fluid for face and eyes 125mls (unopened) Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 (opened, sniffed, closed again. Ick, so not my thing!) Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm 15ml (tried on the back of my hand once) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 30ml (Never opened. I tried this in the past and think it’s rubbish)
10. Urban Decay Lipsticks in Voodoo and Trainwreck. Swatched once. I already own (and utterly adore) these but mine went walkies so I bought the two pictured. Found mine in my gym bag the next day. Doh! £25 well spent, eh?

If you aren't too sure of the shades or whatever feel free to check the official websites or send me an email. I shall do my best to answer any queries

Joy ♥
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