MAC studio fix fluid

I’m more than a little obsessed with foundations and I’ve heard loads of great things about this one so figured I definitely had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately it isn’t quite what I expected but it’s still far from awful…


Comes in a massive selection of shades and I managed to get one to suit my pale skin (NC15)

Doesn’t dry or “set” too quickly so I have plenty of time to work with it during application

Gives fairly good coverage; enough to hide my dark circles after a late night

Only takes a small amount to cover the entire face so should last a long time

Lasts all day without fading too much or sinking into my pores


The bottle. I hate screw tops because I find the pump bottles are easier, less messy and more hygienic

Gives a matte finish that looks a bit too stark and 2-dimensional, not very luminous or natural

Caused little bumps under my skin around my forehead (the one place I never get spots!)

I asked the MAC sales person for the fullest coverage foundation and he recommended this. I’d say the coverage is most definitely medium

Left my skin quite dry so I had to start using a richer moisturiser before sleepy sleeps

I know plenty of people who adore this foundation and absolutely swear by it. Some wouldn’t even consider trying anything else!… Unfortunately it didn’t grab me in quite the same way but it’s still an ok product that gives ok coverage and generally does a fairly ok job. So overall I reckon it’s ok :)
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