So it begins.

Hello, world.

This is my 1500th post. It is also my first official post of 2011. See?


I was planning on posting every single day of 2011, but that's obviously failed so far (for which I am sorry but for which I think I am not to be blamed), and I think it will continue to fail as I spiral into an abyss of embarrassingly sparse posting (or not; it depends what happens when I get back to school).

Here’s how I intend for the rest of 2011 to pan out, because after ending 2010 in a hospital waiting room, I am wary of asking for too much this year:
  • I will work on at least one script. Ten minutes or three acts, whatever happens to happen.
  • I will develop a hairstyle. It may be bad, but it may not be boring.
  • I will leave 10 thoughtful blog comments on 10 different blogs in one day.
  • I will not slouch for one day.
  • I will try Swype for at least two weeks.
  • I will hit 12,000 pageviews for some month, according to blogger’s built-in stats counter.
  • I will not buy anything because I am bored. These things are immune:
    • a tube mascara & a really good concealer (because sometimes, life asks that you look put-together, and I just threw out my shitty CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara and have never owned an appropriate concealer)
    • long-lasting, high-quality, walkable shoes (because my feet are important, and I don’t have enough shoes I’m good with walking long distances in) & short shorts (because they help my wardrobe a lot, preferably in black or gray)
    • rings (temptation about which I am not nervous because I’ve gotten so picky from putting off buying a ring for so long already)
    • And anything else that makes sense, e. g. vintage costume jewelry on the last day of an estate sale and $1 tights at H&M
  • I will undergo a 12-day internet detox (inspired by this post, from one of Gala Darling’s carousels) unless school dictates otherwise.
  • I will spend one day not picking at my cuticles.
  • I will actively seek out a place in Berkeley that I will claim as my safe harbor.
  • I will break in my Kork-Ease flats or destroy my feet trying.
Nothing immediately life-changing, nothing particularly ambitious - just achievable goals I can check off as life passes by, because I'm not sure I can handle anything grand and graspy while I feel so poorly in control of what is happening around me.

That's it. I'm out til I get back to school. But in case you forgot, sometimes I get dressed.

Plaid outerwear: Field & Stream via Costco. Plaid shirt underneath: brother's pajamas. Jeans: not... quite... sure... either F21 or Levi's. Plaid shoes: Keds.
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