Perfect Finish foundation by Collection 2000

As you can probably tell from my massive collection of drugstore makeup products I’m most definitely not a makeup snob – in fact I enjoy shopping for bargain drugstore goodies waaay more than high-end stuff. And not just cos it stops me breaking out in a cold sweat when my bank account statement arrives in the post :)

Though I must admit that when it comes to foundations I generally find that the super cheap brands (2true, Natural Collection, 17, Miss Sporty, Collection 2000 etc) just aren’t great quality. I’ve tried dozens of their foundations over the years and there have been a few gems but most head straight for the bin after a couple of uses

An exception to the rule is Perfect Finish liquid foundation by Collection 2000. Now this is never going to be my absolute favourite product or anything but I’m just amazed that we can get such an incredible product for £3.99 (£4.99 in Boots in case you were wondering!)

When I first tried using this I was soo disappointed by the texture cos it was really runny. I then gave the bottle a little shake which did the trick – the texture is like thick double cream and glides on extremely easily


Comes with a pump dispenser. This is actually an important factor for me; I can’t stand glass bottles where you have to pour some of the product out to use it

The coverage is light to medium and is very buildable so you can be as light or heavy handed as you wish

You know how some foundations just look like a mask? This looks like skin. Completely natural and slightly dewy

Doesn’t set quickly so you have loads of time to work this into the skin, ensuring its well blended and you don’t have that dreaded “foundation line” around the jaw and chin!

Feels exceptionally light, almost like you aren’t wearing anything at all

SPF 20… I’m sure we’ve all heard how important it is to use an SPF foundation or moisturiser every day

It costs £3.99 in Superdrug. Seriously. £3.99


Not particularly long lasting. After about 8 hours I feel like I need to touch up or reapply

Only comes in 6 different shades

Coverage is only light/medium so definitely needs to be used in conjunction with a concealer to hide dark circles or blemishes

Wore this without a primer a few days ago and it sunk into my pores, making them very noticeable
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