Things I've Done in the Past 57 Hours
  1. Reluctantly skip my experimental phonetics class in favor of freaking out my apartmentmates by leaving with no explanation
  2. Participate in an 18-person Skype conversation spanning northern and southern California and Frankfurt, Germany
  3. Flip through fashion magazines in a waiting room
  4. Read my horoscope in a fashion magazine in a waiting room
  5. Briefly wonder whether I should consider myself a Libra or a Virgo while reading my horoscope in a fashion magazine in a waiting room
  6. Consider rewatching The Secret of Kells
  7. Struggle through the Lakhota examples in my syntax textbook
  8. Decide that I am indeed going to purchase a ring inspired by the Twilight series
  9. Construct a makeshift pad out of a wad of toilet paper
  10. Unlock my 160th - 171st items on Alchemy (don't scroll down unless you want to see the full combination list)
  11. Rip out the magnets in my laptop case clasp
Things I Have Not Done in the Past 180 Hours
  1. Wash my hair
Things I Should Probably Have Posted in 2010

Jacket: gift. Polo: American Eagle, brother's. Jeans: Forever21. Black and white oxfords: Miz Mooz. Ring: estate sale.
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