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So I was getting ready for work this morning *groan* (Is there anything worse than getting up when it’s still dark and trekking to work knowing you’ll not be leaving till it’s dark again?) and I was in a bit of a rush as usual so I had about 10 minutes to do my hair and makeup. As you can probably guess I went for a slightly dishevelled “totally natural” look :)

Anywho it made me realise that I’ve been reaching for the same products on and off for about 6 months because they’re just sooo reliable

All the items are by Natural Collection and when I picked them up over the summer I got all 3 for a fiver (hurrah!!) For me the range is pretty hit n miss – the foundation is atrocious and a lot of the eyeshadows are waaay below average when it comes to pigmentation but these were fantastic little buys and I still love them
Juicy Lips

I adore everything about this lipgloss; the colour is a subtle pretty pink with a hint of shimmer and it looks beautiful on – not exactly natural but not bright or dramatic either. It doesn’t last particularly long, I’d say a couple of hours tops and that’s only if you aren’t eating or drinking much but it feels so good on that I don’t mind that a great deal. It’s not sticky at all (probably why it’s not very long lasting!) but feels smooth and ever so slightly creamy, more like a lip balm than a gloss. And if that wasn’t enough it even smells deliciously fruity

Lash Definition mascara in Black

I really wish someone had given me this mascara when I was a teenager because I spent a lot of time with lashes like spider legs; for some reason it took me a while to master the art of mascara application! This is just one of the most simple, easy to apply, lash lengthening mascaras you can ask for. The brush is fairly small and thin so you can be precise and even do the lower lashes with no bother at all. It separates the lashes with ease and the colour is extremely dark. All for £1.99

Moisture Shine lipstick in Pink Mallow. Don't you just love the name?

Gorgeous pink shade. Smooth creamy texture. Doesn’t dry out my lips. Overall this is definitely a winner The lipstick and gloss. Though I must say this picture really doesnt do them justice! ♥

Contas Premium
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