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The most awesome thing happened to me today! I popped into my local supermarket to pick up a few essentials and I headed to the bathroom … not sounding too awesome just yet but I’m getting there! :) so I used said bathroom, washed my hands and then brushed my hair … I was just about to leave when the girl who’d been standing next to me at the sinks stopped me to ask what I used on my skin because it looked, and I quote, “perfect”

Now I really cant stress enough how completely imperfect my skin is. You know how you go to those skin care websites filled with magical creams, lotions and potions that can supposedly fix everything and there’s a dropdown where you select your skin concern (acne, oily skin, dry skin, large pores, redness etc etc)? Well I’ve suffered from every single one. I kid you not.

So as you can probably guess I was pretty much ecstatic for the rest of the day! Honestly I don’t think anyone could’ve put me in a bad mood after that :)

Alas, my skin is as bad as ever; the acne has calmed down a bit over the last few months but there are still little reddish marks on my chin where it was incredibly bad about 6 months ago. Being obsessed with foundations I’d been browsing the interwebs looking for ones that give exceptionally full coverage and stumbled across Maximum Coverage by Estee Lauder

I should mention that when I went to 2 local Estee Lauder counters they didn’t have this on show so I ended up asking one of the girls if they stocked it, for some reason it was just in the drawer and they didn’t have any available to try. I was a bit wary about handing over £25 for a product I couldn’t test, especially considering there are only 4 shades available, but thankfully it suits my skin perfectly

This stuff is described as camouflage makeup for face and body. It’s not something I’d consider wearing every day but if my skin is playing up or I want a more flawless look then it’s a godsend. The texture is extremely thick, more like a cream than a liquid, but I find that it still applies easily as long as I only use a small amount. Or it can be mixed with a little moisturiser for a runnier consistency

I’m not kidding when I say it goes on like paint and covers a multitude of sins. I’ve started using it as a concealer when I’m wearing a different foundation

It’s obviously not gonna be for everyone due to the extreme coverage but what I adore about this is that it creates an almost mask-like base which I can colour and contour using blush, bronzer and highlighter in pretty much any way I want. I love wearing this with natural looking eye makeup a little pink blush and some pink gloss – the end result is understated, pretty and radiant

Oh and it lasts all day long! I’ve worn this for about 12 hours straight and it still looked perfect – though that could be in part to the primer I used :)

Oh oh oh! and for anyone who already uses Double Wear (which I also swear by) this is a bit like that but with even better coverage, though you will probably find it a tad more drying

Do you have any full-coverage foundations that do what they say on the tin? ♥
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