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Good evenng all! Hope you're having a great Thursday :)

It was my nephews 2nd birthday today and I ate so much that I feel slightly ill. On the plus side he seemed well impressed with the Bob the builder digger I got him. Kids are easily amused, eh?

Anywho, just figured I'd do a little post on makeup brushes cos regardless of what kinda makeup we use I reckon decent brushes can make the application a whole lot easier!

When I was younger I used to apply the majority of my makeup with my fingers; everything from liquid foundation and concealer to eye shadow and cream blush. These days I reckon I can achieve a much better (I’d love to say flawless but it’s never quite that good) finish by using fantastic brushes!

Now I personally don’t like to spend a fortune on brushes – I want great quality but I could never afford a complete collection by brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown or Sigma. The brushes that I use on an everyday basis were all pretty inexpensive and do a brilliant job so I figured they were worth a mention :)

Eye makeup brushes

Bellapierre super thick concealer brush £19.99 - most expensive eye makeup brush I use. I actually use this for packing on powder although it’s designed to apply concealer I’ve never found another brush quite like it!
GOSH round eye shadow brush £6.00
ELF small precision brush £3.50
ELF Small smudge brush £3.50
ELF contour brush £3.50
QVS eye shadow brush £3.99
AVON eye shadow brush with smudger £5.00

Face makeup brushes

ELF concealer brush £1.50
AVON angled brush £5.50
GOSH foundation brush £8.00
Ruby & Millie foundation brush £12.00 (got mine for £7 with one of the £5.00 off vouchers at Boots!)
AVON all over face brush £6.00
ELF complexion brush £3.50
ELF blush brush £3.50 For storage I picked up these cute cupcake tins from my local TJ Hughes
Is there a particular brand of brushes that you really love? Or any bargains that you’d recommend?
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