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Sunday again :( Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was too good, it's made me not wanna start a new week!

Anywho, I've been a big fan of the Bourjois range for a number of years now (oh how old that makes me feel!) so just wanted to mention a few of my absolute favourites and I definitely have to start with my most recent purchase; healthy mix foundation because this stuff is amazing.
As you might've noticed from my previous posts I have a slight obsession with foundation so I'm pleased to announce that this is without a doubt one of the best I've ever come across. I'd happily pay £30 for a bottle so the £10.99 price tag is such a bonus. I love the colour, texture, staying power, blendability (that is so a word :p) and the fact that it doesn't make my skin break out. I wore this on a shopping trip a couple of weeks ago and my sister said I looked airbrushed. Nuff said.
When it comes to lip gloss I like a standard wand applicator so I wasn't sure how I'd get along with this because it has one of those brush applicators but Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer so I decided to give it a try. I now have this in 6 different shades, which should give an indication of just how impressed I was! The texture is lovely and the colours are subtle but so incredibly pretty. I've included 2 in the pic because if I'm wearing the lip gloss by itself I'll usually opt for a pale pink (13 Rose a l'eau) but I like to apply the glittery gold shade (23 beige rafraichissant) over lots of my lip sticks especially anything with pale brownish undertones
As far as liquid liners go Liner Pinceau is right up there with Revlon Colorstay and N.Y.C because the colour is a properly black black and the brush applicator is very fine so it's easy to get a precise long lasting line. I should mention that the formula is fairly watery so you definitely need a steady hand when you're applying it!
Have you ever noticed how rare it is to actually use an entire pot of eye shadow? I must've bought hundreds of eye shadows over the years and I doubt I've ever completely finished a single one, not because I wasn't keen on them you understand, but just because I get bored and like trying new things so I'm constantly replacing my existing makeup!

Which is why I'm such a fan of the mini Bourjois eye shadows; they come in loads of different shades, last ages, the texture is soft but not crumbly or chalky so you get an intense look without piling on a thick layer of powder and because they're teensy you don't feel guilty for sticking them at the back of your drawer and moving onto another colour after a few weeks. Hurrah!
Last on my list is the intensive moisturising treatment lip stick. I can't express just how much I love this product! It's so incredibly moisturising and my favourite shade (18 Blouse Blanche) is a very subtle sheer slightly glittery colour which can be worn by itself or under and over any other lip products. I like that it's nourishing but extremely pretty so it's one of those 2 birds with 1 stone items. If I was to liken this to another product it would have to be AVONs Anew beauty lip plumping lip conditioner only I think the Bourjois one is more moisturising and looks prettier on :)

Goodnight for now, hope you have a lovely week!
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