What I Didn't Come To Hate

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In my past two and a half years of blogging, I've worn my fair share of outfits that would've elicited WTF DON'T GO THERE GIRLs from my mirror had it the ability to talk. I like to think I've grown up a little since I started this blog as a high school senior, and I suspect that what I've been wearing has been a reflection of how I've changed, or how much I've changed. In any case, you can be the judge, but this is what I didn't come to hate, in chronological order, with verbose commentary:

Above, from April 2008. I will admit that I didn't expect anything from high school to make it here at all, but I guess it makes sense that this is the outfit I wore to UCLA's theater program's open house in an attempt to be nonchalantly impressive. (I guess it worked because one girl looked at me and asked, "Are you a design major?") Notes: 1) After college admissions came out, I really thought I was going to go there for costume design before I chickened out and ended up at Berkeley instead. For some reason, everyone else seemed more surprised than I felt when I changed my decision. 2) The scarf is my grandmother's, and it's Oscar de la Renta. I only found this out partway through the day and it is probably the only designer thing I have ever worn. 3) I still love this color scheme.

Above, from January 2009. I have to admit, this outfit is really boring, but something about my dark hot pink (is that a color?) sleeves peeking out of my anorak combined with the green denim just really gets me. I've always had a thing for pink with green, though. If my blog layout hasn't tipped you off already.

Above, from July 2009. I'm not sure why I like this, because I don't usually like light neutrals, but it's something about the sweater with that jacket and how my short hair was actually cooperating for once...

Above, from November 2009. Short hemline? Check. Florals? Check. Black and white shoes? Check. Ding ding ding ding! We haaaave a winner!

Above, from March 2010. I had no idea how much I liked this outfit until I looked at pictures of it later. I can't quite pinpoint why I like this, but I think it has something to do with color schemes and the proportions. I guess I like that kind of sexless prepubescent beanpole silhouette?

Above, also from March 2010. Gray on gray! Pervy striped thigh high socks! Negligible skirt! The same exact scarf-tugging pose!

Above, from April 2010. This is extremely me. I could have worn this anytime from when I was 13 - 20. Good job, self.

Above, from April 2010. Okay, I think I need to acknowledge how much I wear this cardigan. To be honest, this is an outfit I put on for the purpose of wearing something outside my usual ... genre. I felt like I looked too sweet in this and not badass enough. But this cardigan! And having a defined waist! And exposed calves! I sound totally insane! Okay! Moving on!

Above, from April 2010. I have some mad love for this trench coat, and, as I'm sure is pretty obvious, I have a rather squishy soft spot for florals, so this tucked-in floral button-down really did it for me. Actually, come to think of it, I think the main reason I like this outfit is for the skinny-legs-little-waist silhouette going on here. I will keep that in the back of my mind.

Above, from May 2010. AHA! SEE! Waist! Calves! Color scheme! I am so formulaic!

Above, from May 2010. I feel like I should rest on my laurels because the moral of this outfit is that when I wore coral with floral, I swore I would wear this combination forevermore. (Evidently, April and May were good months for me, huh?)

Above, from September 2010. The last outfit I felt was an ass-kicking success.

Honestly, though, I'm kind of confused about what I've been wearing lately.
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