Bargaintastic beauty haul

Good evening all, hope you're having a nice week so far :) I went shopping for my sisters birthday pressie this evening and managed to get myself a dress, 2 pairs of shoes, earrings, makeup and a new book. Unfortunately I didn't spot a single thing for my sis so I'm just gonna give her money, I know it's soo impersonal but she's seriously hard to buy for!!

Decided to do a post on the goodies I picked up from Superdrug and I wanted to start with L'Oreals True Match foundation because it seems like everyone has something positive to say about it! I used this foundation about 3 or 4 years ago and didn't like it at all because I found it terribly drying but my skin is slightly more oily these days so I'm hoping for better results.

Also got a new True Match powder compact because I've hit pan on my current one. The Carbon Gloss is free when you spend over a tenner on L'Oreal stuff and this liner is awesome so I was a very happy bunny :)

I guess the other things I picked up kinda speak for themselves...
Shimmer and shade compact ( it technically a compact if there's no mirror?) by Collection 2000 in shade 1 Pink Me Up and a few MUA eye shadows for £1 each. Three cheers for the bargain beauty products!
This Maybelline Line Definer in Black Onyx is one of my favourite products because it's so thin, creamy and easy to apply. If you get the chance to test this in the store I insist that you do cos I reckon you'll be amazed at just how good it is. Honestly the end result is as good as most liquid liners!

I've been using the Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer and it works well but I cant seem to stick with one product for too long (Yep, I suffer from grass-is-always-greener syndrome) so have wanted to try this one for a while
Tea tree oil and Tea tree moisturiser cos my skin hates me and I hate it right back. Bloody spots.
Little silver heart earrings that I'm gonna wear to work tomorrow. Another bargain at 99p!
Last of all we have the Maybelline Falsies mascara. I know I'm a bit late with this because it's only been around for, oooh, a hundred years or so now but I wanted to give it a go to see what I reckon.

Anyway I'm off for a late shower and a nice cup of tea before bed. Hope you have a great Friday! :)
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