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Happy Saturday all! Hope you’re having a superb weekend :) I did a little shopping (shock horror!) and am heading to Funderland tonight - lots of big rides, candyfloss and popcorn. Hurrah!

Wanted to do a post on my fab faux Pandora jewellery collection which was such a bargain! I actually ordered a necklace from eBay with some seriously hideously coloured beads and then just ordered dozens of pretty beads and charms to replace them.
All in all the whole lot cos about £20 and I can change the beads to match whatever outfit I’m wearing. Genius, no? :)

Oh and I happened to call into Boots whilst I was in town (I know I know, I should really exercise a little self control) and picked up some pinks and purples from the Barry M range.
I absolutely adore the Dazzle Dust and I love that each little pot lasts ages even if you use it every single day.
Anywho I’m off to get showered n dressed; don’t wanna be late because my dad’s giving me a lift. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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