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Happy Monday everyone! I’m so glad today is over cos I think Monday has to be my least favourite day of the week, especially when it’s cold and miserable out and you get drenched on the way to the bus stop after a really long hard day at work. Grrr!! On a cheerier note I thought I’d do a little post on some of my all time favourite N.Y.C goodies :)

Firstly we have the liquid liner in Jet Black and I’d rate this right up there with all the high end liquid liners which cost 5 times the price because it’s genuinely superb! Like most people I wasn’t exactly a natural when it came to my first attempts at applying a liquid eye liner (judging by the old photos I seemed to be of the opinion that more is more) but one of my friends recommend this and I haven’t looked back. It gives a sharp, smooth, extremely dark line which lasts all day, doesnt smudge and doesnt fade. Not too bad for £2.99, eh?
As for lip products I’d give the lip stick an 8 out of 10 simply because it looks great, feels lovely on, lasts a while and is cheap as chips. It’s not one of those life changing totally-cant-live-without-this items but it’s a good quality lip stick and I just think the shade Fragile Pink is so fantastically pretty on!
The Liquid Lip Shine is a whole other story... It’s completely awesome and I can’t seem to stop myself from recommending it to everyone (even people who really don’t seem that interested!) because the texture is lovely and the colours are absolutely amazing. My favourite shade is Sungold Pink which is just gorgeous and goes with pretty much any makeup look
I actually bought this foundation because there was a 3 for 2 offer in my local Superdrug and I figured it would be worth a try. Obviously for £1.99 I wasnt expecting much so I was pleasantly surprised when it did exactly what it says on the tin. It promises an anti shine effect for up to 8 hours and on the days I’ve worn this to work I’ve come home with my skin still looking fresh as a daisy. It has a nice floral smell, slightly runny texture and gives light to medium coverage. I like the non-cakey natural look this gives so I will definitely be repurchasing once this bottle runs out

Last of all we have the N.Y.C Color Wheel mosaic face powder. I’ve included pics of the Pink Cheek Glow because I find I opt for blush far more than bronzer over the Autumn and Winter months but they also do a Bronze Glow version which is just as good! This is something I’ve used every day for the last couple of months and people are always so complimentary when I’m wearing it! The colour is very pretty and subtle and thanks to the texture it’s extremely easy to blend so takes seconds to apply. Always a bonus when you’re getting ready at 6am :)
Contas Premium
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