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Is it just me or is the weekend always over waaay too quickly?! On the plus side I spent most of today reading, walking the pooch, eating scrummy cinnamon bagels and even managed to squeeze in a little shopping :)

I popped into Claire’s accessories for some new earrings because I think their jewellery is fantastic quality and there’s always sooo much to choose from

Anywho, it got me thinking about all the makeup I own from Claire’s. I haven’t come across many people talking about it and I figured it’s worth a mention because it’s surprisingly good, not to mention great value!

A particular favourite are the eye shadow palettes – I currently own two; one with 10 fairly bright shades and one with 10 neutral shades and I absolutely love both. The neutral shade selection is a recent repurchase cos I’d hit pan on 4 different shades of my last palette!
The eye shadow itself is extremely soft (but not in the flakey must-use-loads-to-get-any-colour kinda way!) and the shades are all nicely pigmented and have a little shimmer

black eye pencil, black mascara, silver glitter mascara

Also, I wanted to mention the eye pencil, mascara and lip gloss because they might be seriously inexpensive but there’s loads of nice shades to choose from, the quality is great and the packaging is always really simple but pretty. They’re not exactly luxury products but they do what they say on the tin at an affordable price and I don’t ask for more than that!
Have you stumbled across any not-so-well-known makeup brands that actually turned out to be far better than expected?
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