Surprise shoes!

I love surprises as much as the next girl and if happens to involve shoes then all the better!
My best friend got me these supremely awesome Irregular Choice shoes out of the blue and I know they’re most definitely not everyones cup of tea but I adore them

I’d mentioned that I spotted some gorgeous “ice-cream” shoes and from that one little comment he (Yep, he’s a he. Who knew men had such brilliant taste?!) tracked these down. Le sigh. Even just looking at them makes me happy :)

I figured they really couldn't get any better... Till I found out they come with a bag!

Went to see my doctor today because my skin has been a complete nightmare recently! As much as I love wearing makeup I’d like to be able to go without it now n then but thanks to my breakout prone chin I look about 15. He prescribed Duac which is a gel formula that has to be applied every night

I was chatting to the (previously acne prone) pharmacist when I went to pick up the prescription who reckons this stuff is great so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Contas Premium
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