Scrummy cupcake and ice cream lip balms

Good evening all! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend so far :) I had to work today *sniff* but I have tomorrow off and intend to have a seriously relaxing lazy day. Hopefully most of which will be spent in my pjs

I know this is totally shallow of me but I spotted these little lip balms a while back and bought them simply because I think the packaging is just beyond adorable!

Of course my reasoning is that the weather is getting properly cold, which always leaves me with chapped lips so I definitely need another 8 lip balms to add to the dozens I already own. No really, I do

It seems I can be a wee bit irrational when it comes to justifying new purchases :)
The cupcake ones smell and taste yummy and I love the texture cos it's not too sticky but still leaves a nice subtle sheen on my lips and doesn't wear off too quickly (even with me constantly licking my lips thanks to the taste)

Belgain chocolate, strawberry surprise, raspberry ripple, vanilla swirl

mint choc chip, chocolate fudge brownie, bubble gum, strawberry

The ice cream ones aren't as nice texture wise because they aren't as soft so you actually have to rub rather a lot to get a decent amount of product! Though they taste and smell good enough to eat :)
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