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Happy Sunday all! Looking forward to the week ahead? Normally I totally hate Mondays but I actually have Tuesday off so going into work for 1 day doesn't feel like such a big deal

I had a fantastic weekend thanks in no small part to it being my birthday on Saturday! Everyone was sooo generous and I got some awesome pressies (pics to come - just havent got round to it yet!) I got all dressed up and went to a new indian restaurant for dinner. It was beyond scrummy and I managed to eat so much I could hardly move. Always the sign of a good meal I reckon :)

I'd gone to quite a lot of trouble with my hair, makeup and nails and it was only when I decided to wear my Eyeko Vintage Polish that I decided these polishes really deserve a full post of their own because they're completely superb and the colours are beautiful!

Vintage Polish (my personal favourite!)

I've used two coats of polish in each picture but I was too lazy to bother with a base or top coat - I still think they all manage to look bloody awesome without them though!

Lilac Polish

I've swatched 4 of my favourite shades but I also highly recommend the Nude Polish for anyone who likes more subtle understated colours. If you are purchasing anything from the Eyeko website feel free to use my code E11807 to get a free gift.

Indigo Polish

I've wanted to try the Eyeko lip glosses for a while now so they're top of my don't-actually-need-but-really-really-want shopping list. Do you have any favourite nail polish brands that you can always rely on?

Vampira Polish (Yep, I'm wearing this today)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a fantastic week! xx

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