here comes your man

I have to admit, when I walked out of my apartment wearing this, part of my thoughts were like "I am well aware that this is one of those outfits that the general public deems acceptable and possibly put-together, but I feel uncomfortable and awkward because I am projecting an image of myself that is an inaccurate reflection of my personality, because I am not a put-together person." (The rest of my thoughts were dedicated to mentally replaying Joseph Gordon-Levitt's unexpectedly sexy drunken rendition of "Here Comes Your Man" from 500 Days of Summer.)

To Stephanie's friend James, who'd only seen me once before, thank you for recognizing that this outfit was out of character and asking "Why aren't you all - dressed - up?"

I love observant people!

The Force is strong with this one.

Cardigan: Forever21. T-shirt: Hanes, men's. Necklace: street vendor. Jeggings (that word still makes me cringe; see the appropriate inadvertent sadface at the end of this parenthetical): Forever21. Flats: Palladium.
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