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Good evening all and Happy Wednesday to you! I love the second half of the week cos we’re sooo close to the weekend :)

Just wanted to mention a site I’ve been using for quite a while now because I haven’t heard anyone else talk about it! It’s called and the basic premise involves choosing samples from whatever they have available (you get one for each of the 3 categories: skin care, makeup & fragrances, hair & body)
I’ve discovered some amazing products using this site including stuff from the Mary Kay range which I’d never have splashed out on without knowing how good it is!
Anyway – they text you a code which costs £1 then all you have to do is provide a delivery address and choose the goodies
The pics are of the most recent package I've received and I was well pleased with it :)

Oh and just a quick mention of some W7 eye shadows I stumbled across recently! I’ve seen this brand online loads but the stuff is so cheap the makeup snob in me always assumed it must be rubbish (I know I know – very narrow minded of me!)
So I figured this would be worth a try cos I’m loving greens at the minute and I’m pleased to report that it’s superb! The quality is so much better than I expected; all the shades are really pigmented and I’ve already used this to create 3 completely different, albeit green, eye looks. All for the bargain price of £1.19 :)
Contas Premium
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