bathroom essentials and a little favour

Good evening all and Happy Friday to you! I can’t tell you how pleased I am that the weekend is finally here. Though I’ve kinda given mine up to look after my 1 year old nephew so my sister can go out n celebrate her birthday tomorrow. More on that in a mo...

I know this might seem like an odd post, partly cos pictures of almost empty bottles arent exactly entertaining but as you can see I’ve almost run out of all my basic bathroom essentials!

I’m going shopping on Sunday and shall be bringing my aforementioned nephew along with me so I’ll be in and out of the shops as quickly as possible, which is where all you lovely people come in :)

I don’t wanna spend ages wandering round aimlessly looking for new products to try (especially whilst pushing a pram) so I was hoping you could recommend your favourites! I need shampoo, conditioner, body scrub and a body wash so if there’s any you’re particularly fond of please mention them below! It would be greatly appreciated because I'd love to try out a few new things - don't usually stick with one brand or product for too long!

Hope you have a totally fantastic weekend :)
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