The Body Shop Vitamin C and my 1st ever CG goodies!

Good evening all! Hope you’re enjoying your week, personally I’m very glad the weekend is nearly here! A girl in work recently referred to Wednesdays as “hump days” because it’s the “hump” of the week that everyone looks forward to getting over. Yeah, I had to drag my mind out the gutter pretty quickly too :)

So I picked up a few things on my way home from work today that I think deserve a mention!

I got a few items from the Vitamin C collection at the body shop because I’d heard great things about them and I’ve always been a big fan of the body shop products :) I got the Microdermabrasion exfoliator (£10) Facial Radiance Powder Mix (£12) and the Eye Reviver Duo (£10)
As you might’ve noticed from previous posts I’m constantly at war with my skin because it just wont do what it’s told so I’m hoping these products will help kick it into shape! The Radiance Mix lasts 10 days so I’ll do a review once I’ve given it a chance to work it’s magic
Oh oh oh! I called into my local pound shop and got my first ever Cover Girl products today! I’m constantly hearing people bang on about how fantastic the Cover Girl stuff is and loads of the American bloggers seem to create exquisite looks using them. It’s really hard to come by in the UK so when I saw 3 items for £1 I almost screamed with excitement. I’m a bit sad like that.
The only colours left were the more “unusual” options but I managed to get a Midnight blue eye pencil, navy eye shadow and plum lip stick. I reckon I could create a fairly nice navy smokey eye look this weekend to celebrate my new purchases!
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