Empty greasy balm + (Wet 'n' Wild + Burt's Bee's) = much easier application of hot pink lippie, now with extra grease (this is a good thing for such a strong color)

Empty Burt's Bee's pot + Aquaphor + nude Sephora lipstick + strawberry juice + cherry juice = FAILURE

It was re-a-lly disgusting.

See the fruit juice percolating at the surface? I also didn't take into account the fact that cherry juice darkens over time. I should've used beets. Applied, it looked like... a nude lip but extra fruity.

ABOVE FAILURE + Benefit's Bahama Mama + Wet 'n' Wild in Blackberry = meh

The texture still leaves a whole world to be desired (there are pockets of fruit juice which burst and bubble to the surface if punctured), and the color's pretty boring, but at least it's not oozing anymore.

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