pigfarts stencil: ready for action

[EDIT: If you would like the stencil, just email me!]

Let me say that I am very proud of myself for cutting this out without crying. Arranging it is probably going to be a whole other problem, but for now, here is the Pigfarts stencil I am planning on using to silkscreen a t-shirt, because StarKidPotter's Harry Potter parody musical, A Very Potter Musical, was that good. I have yet to decide what color shirt and ink, though. I want something very collegiate-looking.

pigfarts a very potter musical starkidpotter silkscreen t-shirt stencil harry potterAbove, Pigfarts collegiate logo stencil, designed by me, but the credits of which can be found here.

Above, holes.

P. S. The best line delivery in the whole show most definitely goes to Voldemort for his "Hey you."
P. P. S. But one of the best lines is "Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!"
P. P. P. S. Another totally awesome line is "Remember, a Portkey can be any sort of seemingly harmless object. Like a football, or a dolphin."
P. P. P. P. S. You can purchase an official Pigfarts t-shirt featuring headmaster Rumbleroar right here.
P. P. P. P. P. S. Happy birthday, Harry! (And Neville, and you too, JKR.)

[EDIT: See the stencil, part I, and the completed t-shirt.]
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