Things I would not mind having:

Above, The Queen and the Explorer 8x12 print by meluseena, $25 on etsy

Above, The Wrecker by meluseena, $25 on etsy

Above, The Picture of Dorian Gray by meluseena, $25 on etsy

Above, The Troublesome Resident by meluseena, $25 on etsy

That one above's totally on crack, but I want it.

Above, Anemone on the Shore - Wearable art by Lisa Falzon, $32 from meluseena on etsy

[EDIT: Ridonkulous! This is the same Lisa Falzon who authors the 50-word-stories blog! Talk about multi-talented.]

Above, Romanticore - wearable art pendant by meluseena, $42 on etsy
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