Earlier this week I scratched off numbers 71 and 18 from my ever-changing Life's To-Do List when I returned East of Eden to the library.

71 was to read East of Eden.

18 was this:

And this is what I left:

Other completed items on my to-do list include...

1. Read Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five.
3. Read Twilight.
4. Knit a humungous scarf.
64. Finish Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

(I know, pathetic.) Incomplete items on my to-do list include...

5. Relearn how to use chopsticks correctly.
10. Eat fish and chips in London.
13. See a total solar eclipse.
15. Ride a hot-air balloon.
55. Have a white Christmas.
59. Read Wicked.
66. Try a Mangosteen.
67. Read Old School.
68. Watch a movie alone in theaters.
74. Sing into your friend's answering machine.
75. Grow something, then eat it.
78. Take your mom out to lunch.
80. Watch Rent live.

I know I say this blog is for me, but I am actually curious, do you (my 2.5 readers) keep a life to-do list? What's on it?
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