Oh, my theater babies! There's something about you guys that prevents summer from being summer until I've seen you. I would tell you to make me proud, but I already am, so make me prouder, kids!

I trust that my scripts are in good hands. (And this is what I wore to watch Up on Friday. Finally.)

Above, scarf: DIY. Sweatshirt: secondhand, mother's. Cats pin: Cats tour, SF. Red airplane pin: childhood. Cedric Diggory pin: Hot Topic. Jeans: Levi's + DIY. Shoes: Fafi for Adidas. Sunglasses: Forever21.

Special thanks to Sunshine for passing on Nate's comment that my hair makes me look like his sister's girlfriend. Think about that.

Once, I assumed that friends could be labeled and that my student-run-theater-group friends were Summer Friends, which meant they weren't as good as my School Year Friends, also known as Stress Friends, or My Support System, the ones who see me when I'm at my worst and meanest and most depressed and bite-your-head-off, the ones you go through shit with.

Maybe friends can be labeled, but I'm really glad that my Summer Friends are so easy to see again after long periods of time apart. I'm glad it's so easy to pick up again. I'm really glad some of my Summer Friends are now part of My Support System. And I'm glad the lines are blurring from both directions.
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