I only have eyes for HARRY!

Doodling in class. First I started with something clearly non-Potter:

Above, a cow, helpfully labeled as a Moo Cow.

Then I forgot all about paying attention to Asian American history and went all-out Potter.

draco malfoy, with his imperious eyebrows and the vanishing cabinetAbove, Draco, his imperious eyebrows, and the Vanishing Cabinet from HBP.

draco malfoy crying in the bathroom with moaning myrtleAbove, crying Draco and Moaning Myrtle. (The scene I most want to see in HBP!)

harry potter says to snape, there's no need to call me sir, professorAbove, Harry to Snape, from Half-Blood Prince.

hermione's buck teethAbove, Ron to Hermione, mutinously, in HBP, and a really racist Cho Chang up in the corner there.

Above, when I realized that the cow I drew earlier was totally related, because Hermione calls Pansy Parkinson "that complete cow" in OotP, although I always imagined Pansy chubby. Also, Umbridge, although I realize she should have been smiling instead. Alas!

young draco with parentsAbove, how I imagine a tiny Draco trying to get his parents to buy him something. Lucius with his pimp cane.

morfin gauntAbove, Morfin Gaunt.

Above, Severus Snape, who is hilarious to read if you imagine everything in UMich-Musical-Snape's voice.

slug malfoyAbove, at the end of OotP after Malfoy's been jinxed on the Hogwarts Express.

weasley is our king ron quidditchAbove, a starry-eyed Won-Won.

Above, Luna, looking more like a druggie than I intended.

crabbe and goyle at the yule ball looking like mossy bouldersAbove, Crabbe and Goyle at the Yule Ball looking like mossy boulders.

Above, Viktor Krum, his excellent Quidditch skills, and his mastery of the English language, which apparently does not involve articles in my mind.

baby harry potter as he was left on the dursley's doorstepAbove, Harry Potter on the Dursley's doorstep, with a note from Dumbledore.
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