Because numbers are so yesterday.
  • Hairspray today. Thanks, Sunshine and Alice. Here is my rundown. Costumes: LOVE! I want to go out and buy dresses with huge skirts. Seaweed: Love! Adorable! I need a Seaweed. Link/Zefron: Love! I wish he sang all of "It Takes Two."
  • (Why do young men not run around in Converse, slim pants, and blazers anymore?)
  • I finished East of Eden today. Which was my other reason for reading so far ahead for class yesterday. Because it's due at the library tomorrow. When I finished, all I could think was "I believe / There is love in heaven / All will be forgiven."
  • Silly Eugenia! (Snow peas.) You are supposed to be intertwining with the ghetto barbecue skewer trellis, not my sewing machine! Also, Ernestine (sweet basil) was delicious (made the first cut yesterday). Actually, I'm pretty sure both Ernestine and Eugenia are on their way to dying, but... I believe.
  • Have some pictures.
Above, the ghetto trellis! Made of barbecue skewers, thread, and twist ties.

Also, Eugenia has a nametag now, but that's another picture, another post. I figured that if I don't give Eugenia a name - well, that's like having a kid and not naming it because you're not sure if it'll live. I believe in Eugenia! And Harvey Dent.

Above, Ernestine, my sweet basil... before I cut it.

Above, left: greasiest lip balm I own, now used up. Right: replacement greasy lip balm. There's nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a tube of lip balm...

My cuticles are gross, and this is pre-shower, which means I haven't picked off all the nail polish on my skin yet, but here's the color scheme:

I am so prone to ruining all my nails before they dry that I am totally oblivious to the single chipped silver on my ring finger. Time for more ASAM.
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