Monster Scarf, a 7.5-foot woolen-acrylic creature that only emerges when the weather is really, inconveniently cold - like during the summer in San Francisco - characterized by a neutral-colored body punctuated with narrow bands of bright colors. Approach with caution, for it may eat your head.
Above, monster scarf: DIY. Top: Old Navy boys, brother's. Jeans: Forever21. Shoes: Harajuku Lovers via Nordstrom Rack. Lips: Wet 'n' Wild.

If the wind is particularly biting, Monster Scarf will sense your hesitation to step outdoors and risk increasing your susceptibility to a headache or cold (or head cold), because Monster Scarf can read minds. In such a case, be sure to use your Occlumency skills. If you are not an accomplished Occlumens, Monster Scarf will eat your head.

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