this is not my hood

outfit white hat financial districtPhoto credits: the ones that look more pro are from Mique.

My Asian American Studies instructor offered extra credit for participating in a scavenger hunt across Chinatown. Needless to say, Ling-Ling and my team dominated and won free boba (solely because of his knowledge, not my abysmal sense of direction, as Chinatown is not my 'hood, nor my inability to walk for more than half a block without complaining about how sweaty I am). This was followed up with Lahore Karahi and Connie and the Embarcadero and a lot of walking.

I totally forgot to take pictures of my outfit, so you will have to settle with these super Facebook-downsized versions.

outfit white hat chinatownoutfit white hat chinatownoutfit white hat chinatownoutfit white hat chinatownAbove, hat: gift. Purple tee: Target + DIY silkscreen. Jumper: bloom. Sweater: Nordstrom, mother's. Flower pin: fake flower + safety pin. Jeans: Forever21. Bag: J. Crew. Shoes: Palladium.

outfit white hat chinatownThis next one is a picture that I definitely feel should not exist...

outfit white hat chinatownThis was all on Sunday. Something terrifying that I have discovered since then: my feet have tanned. Have I mentioned how much I think feet remind me of deformed monkey hands? Sorry you have to look at my feet.

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