SHARK WEEK: part deux, & HBP thoughts

My Ron Weasley shirt has shrunken too much to be decent for public consumption, so I only had two Harry Potter t-shirts to wear for the first three days of this week.

I was going to don all my non-t-shirt Harry Potter paraphernalia at once (Gryffindor necklace, Sorting Hat, Ravenclaw tie, Ravenclaw scarf, Gryffindor prefect pin, Slytherin prefect pin, Slytherin socks, Golden Snitch necklace from Victoria, Cedric Diggory pin, Sirius Black pin, I'm probably forgetting something) to make up for not having a t-shirt, but I decided not to and just went with the Hogwarts crest necklace.

harry potter hogwarts crest necklaceAbove, necklace: Hot Topic. Sweater: mother's. Printed thermal: Kohl's. Skirt: DIY. Belt: GAP boys. Tights: Nordstrom. Shoes: Payless.

These tights are purple. Just so you know.

That was Tuesday's outfit. I have seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and would like to say "Let's do that again!"

Things I could have done without:
  • Finishing the remaining 60 pages I had left in the book in the car on the way to the theater
  • Shoveling Panda Express... a truly uncomfortable experience
  • Narcissa's hair
  • Tonks's mullet thing
  • Those freaky twins in the Slug Club.
  • How much the Inferi reminded me of Gollum, although they were definitely AHH LOUD SOUND, SCARY! enough to make me scream in the theater. I wish they had hair, though. That would have actually made them really, really creepy.
  • That annoying shot of Dumbledore falling like Gandalf. As if the resemblance wasn't enough.
  • The number of times we had to watch Draco unveil the cabinet. I wonder if they used the same shot over and over...
  • The ending of the movie. Seriously. It kind of paled in comparison to everything else. While the movie alternated between hilarious and gratifyingly dark, I feel like the ending couldn't live up to the rest of it. It's okay, though, because...
Things I appreciated:
  • New Moon previews that involved Robert Pattinson and an almost-naked Taylor Lautner (this is the part where I fell out of my chair...but not really)
  • WHOEVER THE HELL PLAYED CORMAC MCLAGGEN Freddie FREAKING Stroma, holy what? How come the Quidditch players are all really hot?! (Sean Biggerstaff, anyone?) [EDIT: 7 minutes and 43 seconds of Freddie Stroma dancing himself silly in underwear ACNE Underwear A/W 08 presentation featuring Freddie Stroma in his skivvies. You gotta love male objectification.]
Freddie Stroma who plays Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • The intro, with the music that is MAGIC in minor, and the Death Eaters, especially when they go into the streets and it's like being on an amusement park ride, and especially when they emerge from the shop they just destroymagicbombed.
  • Harry checking his breath (how sixteen of him).
  • TOM FELTON?! Holy shit! I don't know what else to say. Holy shit! Crying! In bathroom! In tower! AHH!
  • How they handled Draco, especially in the scene in the Great Hall with Katie Bell (because it is totally not canon but so good!), although I wished they had kept in the line about how Voldemort was threatening to kill his whole family. Doing this movie has probably made permanent worry-lines all over Tom Felton's face, but SO WORTH IT! Especially when the Death Eaters are leaving the castle and you see Draco's face, TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. And the scene on the Hogwarts Express. And the bathroom. And basically any time Draco shows up, are we in agreement? Hear, hear!
  • (Who did this screenplay?! It is genius. The plot deviates from the book so much but it makes a better standalone movie. Like the fifth one. But funnier because it involves more teenage romance! Although they took great liberties with the romances and how much of a minx Ginny is...)
  • Harry on Felix Felicis. Seriously. "Harry!" "Sir!" and "Pincers." And "How're you feeling?" "EXCELLENT."
  • Alan Rickman as Snape. Oh my goodness. What a man. And what a total diva.
  • Harry, when he tells Hermione he didn't really use Felix Felicis.
  • Oh! And I actually liked all five seconds of Pansy we saw.
  • And Hero's Tom Riddle, the younger one, what a freaky kid. I realize the older Tom Riddle had to look like an older version of Hero, but man. He was only good-looking in a weird alien way. However! He totally knew how to get what he wanted. Appreciate the line deliveries!
  • The graphics/whatever for the Pensieve (totally the right consistency/texture) and the in/out of memories.
  • The "nice skin" scene. Seriously, is David Yates on crack? Or the writer? I sort of love it.
  • That this movie really got the tone of the book. Major waffling between hilarious and fucking terrifying.
  • Also, this has been true since Order of the Phoenix, but I have no more problems with any of their acting anymore. I don't know if it's the structure of the movie, or the content (if it's less demanding), or if they're just getting better, but I am happy.
Also... there is a new baby girl in our (extended) family as of this morning! EXCITING!
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