1. I realize now why I blogged so often during the school year. It is totally therapeutic and a good excuse to take a break. As I am taking right now.
  2. I am determined to end this post with a buttload of YouTube videos. Be warned.
  3. Luckily for you (Really? Luckily? Why does this make you lucky? Stop making things up!), Patrick Wolf's video for "The Magic Position" can't be embedded, so you can click this link. He will put you in the magic position. (Seriously, can I be him?)
  4. This girl is about a thousand and twelve times cooler than you or I can ever hope to be. I'm not gonna lie. It's Coco's blog that brought me to the Ash and Cole fuckyeah tumblrs. (Prepare for a Cole Mohr post soon.) The girl has impeccable taste.
  5. I'm really tired because I'm trying to do most of tomorrow's reading today so I don't have to tomorrow because tomorrow I am going to watch Hairspray with Sunshine and Alice... the shake 'n' shimmy edition, whatever that means.
  6. I should start falling in love with people and stop falling in love with the idea of people.
  7. So I've decided that I probably overreacted, so I went back to check and make sure I did, and I did, but only a little, because... I am eighteen, what was I supposed to do with that?
  8. Before I leave to read articles about why Asian girls go for white guys and why Asian guys go for white girls, here is the buttload of videos I promised you.

Okay, that wasn't a buttload. I could make it a buttload. Wait 'til I finish reading.

[EDIT: My favorite songs from a couple of musicals. Including Skylar Astin's Georg!

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