So I thought I was, you know, on my way to something awesome when I took this progress shot:

See the pleats? See the floral? Things were working out for me. I was going to starch it and twirl around pretending to channel Prada/Resort several years late and…

...it might look fine, but there are all sorts of things wrong with it. How like a man.

Alas. This was an EPIC FAIL! Because
  1. I haven’t the first clue about girls. No, really. What are these curves you speak of? Oh, is that why the waistband doesn’t lie flat? I thought that angling it in the back would help. No? No… I guess I should go back to the same pattern I drafted years ago that has proven to be the only one that works. Note to self: Eyeballing… does not work.
  2. I am completely out of fabric. This is what happens when I decide to add a fatty bow to the back, thus effectively using up anything I might have used to salvage whatever Frankengarment I came up with.
  3. No, really, what are hips? I have some? That’s also why the zipper doesn’t lie flat? And is that why I am struggling to put this on? What do you mean measure?
On the bright side, I am sure I know how to rethread my sewing machine now (my own sewing machine, not one of the three industrial ones downstairs), and my backstitching is really even, and the zipper (though hand-sewn as usual because I couldn’t find my zipper foot) is nicely hidden, and pleating and ironing are always fun.

(Did I just say that?)

Whatever, this is going into my bag of failure (because I have a huge bag of sewing failures) and will count as +5 EXP for me.
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