I don't really do boots.

And this reminds me why. I feel like effing Pocahontas turned into some kind of forest fairy and possessed me while I wasn't paying attention. I like wearing rain boots, though. Maybe it's just this particular pair, like the color or the shaft height...

Above, sweater: secondhand, mother's. Printed thermal: Kohl's. Skirt: secondhand, American Eagle, gift. Leggings: DKNY. Boots: mother's.

Ehhh. I went swimming with my brother today. I think we were only in the water for like 20 minutes, but that's okay! Racing my brother is more intensive than swimming laps behind old people. I think today was seriously too cold for swimming. I feel kind of gross and achy. And I want to swim in an Olympic-sized pool again. I can't do this square 25 meter thing when it's always so crowded.

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