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The other day, I received in the mail this ring as a gift from Superior Wedding Rings, whose link you can find in my sidebar.

It is tungsten (which is scratch-resistant) and now belongs to my brother, who may or may not be wearing it in this picture. I don't actually remember and can't see to confirm.

Above, Engrish sweatshirt with fake attached plaid shirt: YesStyle. Jeans: American Eagle. Socks: Hanes.

Today I went to the pool with my 6-year-old cousin and am ridonkulously tired, even though all I did was lead her around on a Fun Noodle. I also bought yellow and white face paint and a new swim cap, to be worn together.

(Except not. The face paint is for a racist video project for summer school involving Asian people and white people, and the swim cap is because I don't want my hair to get any more fried.)

I am starting to really resent my Asian American Studies class, or maybe it's just the community college itself, but why do I even bother reading when he goes over everything in detail during class?
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