Okay, I have no self-control.

I was unofficially trying to spend at least a week seriously sitting down and writing posts and trying to actually get this blog to be, you know, Fashion, instead of throwing whatever I wanted onto the internet, but I just can't.

I am convinced that my life is constantly improving. I am not happy with Cal, and I'm not looking forward to going back very much at all, but looking back at today of last year, I'm really glad I have friends who help me by saying things like...

"But on a more serious note, I have to say, I felt like a peeping Tomasina"

"And let’s face it. You want to do inappropriate things with him until he needs a wheelchair."

"This is pass or fail class. How’s he going to score (or is he?)"

And I am looking back and laughing and I am glad that I can. Have some convenient Creative Commons pictures of kittens and a great night. Stay classy, San Diego.

[EDIT: Okay, attempt at serious posting will continue as planned.]
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