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Sorry, people who searched for "pigfarts shirt." I cannot provide you with a Pigfarts t-shirt. But I am providing myself with one!

(For anyone who is confused and thinks I am talking about swine flatulence, Pigfarts is the school that Draco Malfoy wants to transfer out of Hogwarts to attend in StarKidPotter's A Very Potter Musical, which is a fan-made parody musical based on the Harry Potter series.)

pigfarts shirt t-shirt silkscreen stencil from a very potter musical harry potter starkidpotter rocketship rocket ship mars college logoI designed it, because I am awesome. However...
  1. It is based off college logo sweatshirt designs (particularly Harvard's), crossed with coats of arms.
  2. The PIGFARTS font is Iskoola Pota.
  3. VOS MOS POSTULO A SILICIS TRABA QUONIAM IS EST IN PALUS is in the font Cambria and is Latin for "You will need a rocket ship, because it is on Mars." Thanks to this English to Latin translator, although the meaning of the sentence is probably lost in the Latin.
  4. The heraldic rearing lion in the middle is totally ripped off the drawing found here at a blog called "99 days," which is probably completely or at least semi-illegal. I am sorry! I will burn my shirt if you want, artists! Just say the word!
  5. The crown is from the thumbnail from spraypaintstencils, which is probably illegal, too. (Or is it, if I'm not making money off it?)
  6. The nautical star is taken off the homepage of Boucher Customs, but I'm pretty sure it's a generic nautical star design, so I'm going to say this one is legal.
  7. The ringed planet/Saturn is from FreePrintable, which is... totally legal!
I have yet to pick a t-shirt or ink color for silkscreening, but that's a long ways off. I still have to cut out all the little pieces and (oh no) the letters. This is probably the most painful paper stencil I have ever decided to do. Let's hope my scissors don't get dull.

(If anyone wants the original stencil, feel free to email me for it. I don't care what you use it for as long as you're not making money off it or telling people you designed it yourself, although as it is, the design is probably only semi-legal. But I know we all wished we went to Pigfarts.)

[EDIT: For the record, you can purchase an official Pigfarts t-shirt featuring headmaster Rumbleroar right here.]

[EDIT: See the stencil, part II, and the completed t-shirt.]
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