This was what I wore for my first day and night at school. I am lucky to know people who like to cook, or else dinner would have consisted of Nutella sandwiches instead of vegetable stew and pasta. Also the background for my outfits may change a few times before I settle on a place to put my camera for self-timed pictures. It's a detail of moving in that I forgot to anticipate because it's not one of those things that shows up on packing lists. (Unlike my toothbrush, which was just dumb to forget.)

Above, t-shirt: Wicked tour, Los Angeles. Brown corduroys: delia's. Shoes: plaid Keds.

As you can see, I am sporting a Wicked t-shirt from the Los Angeles tour stop. If I were to channel my inner Galinda (and she's definitely there), I would look like this:

Above, Evening Stripe Organza Teen Vogue Dress in blue, $350 from the Betsey Johnson Official Store

Above, Tiffany Majestic diamond necklace, $1,650,000 from Tiffany & Co.

Above, 60s Silver Sling-Back Heel - Size 8 1/2 from thecrumpetcloset, $34.99 on etsy
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