mars looks red

I wore this to go frolicking in Berkeley (aka sweating profusely, racing the bus to get to Katya first, watching my shoe fly across the intersection, and lunching at Ikea), which just reminds me again how much I don't want to go back. Thanks a lot, San Francisco bubble, you make me dislike everywhere else. (Except Berkeley's tap water. It is gold.)

I don't know how apparent this is, but these tights are really bright. As in you may have to squint to see the road ahead if I'm sitting next to you in the car while you drive.

Above, Pigfarts t-shirt: DIY. Jeans: secondhand Old Navy, mother's + DIY. Tights: H&M. Patent leather flats: Steve Madden via Ross.

This was also my first run with the Pigfarts t-shirt. I actually printed 2 for myself and this is the dud, but the t-shirt is so worn and faded it seemed more collegiate than my navy blue one. I wish I could transfer to Pigfarts, but it's on Mars.

Because I am vindictive, I purposely chose Cal colors so that from afar, I will look like a proud UC Berkeley student, but up close, I am just a crafty, Harry Potter loving nerd. Who doesn't want to go back to school.

Best years of my life, my ass.

I feel that the longer I spend thinking about Berkeley the less I like it. It's a really good school, just not good for me. I do not identify as Berkeley. And yet I lack the impetus to transfer. Therefore I should stop complaining. Thanks, Philosphy 12A: Logic of the Mind, you have greatly augmented my logical argumentation skills. As a result, I conclude that this year I am going to be busy to the brink of insanity so that I don't have to think about where I am, because that's how I roll.
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