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Dear World,

You know what I previously said about Chictopia?

Well, I still don't harbor any great love for Chictopia (or Polyvore, for that matter). (I'm really not a fan of the format/editing, for one thing.) I still find it redundant because I still blog on blogger. I don't need another place to post outfits, and I'm not much of a forum user. I prefer this one-way medium because I am self-centered and, like, you know, awesome.

I think it's because I'm not actually into fashion as an industry the way I used to be. I'm afraid it's going to sound cheesy trying to make the distinction between fashion and style, but I mean yeah. I just want to dress the way I live, furiously and never half-assed. I want the things I buy and wear to make me feel like I'm ready to kick the world's ass. I want to be inimitable, and I want to feel like hot shit so I can walk into a room and own it.

(But maybe Chictopia can be just as good a forum for sounding off on style; I haven't tried.)

I'm not wearing clothes to hide (thanks for the fatty, thoughtful comment from Connie of prettylegit), though I might be wearing them to show off. But never to show off my body. Ever. Seriously, just being a girl is almost too much for me most of the time. But I want my clothes to be screaming HERE I AM, BRING IT. And I don't care if those clothes have anything to do with what came off the runway or what magazines say is trendy or what everyone else likes.

Anyway, about Chictopia. I still log on and upload photos but very rarely and irregularly. The point of this post was to show you YOUTHAGAINSTFASHION on Chictopia, because he will steal your heart.

youthagainstfashion chictopia drop crotchAbove, look at his shorts! Oh, the drop crotch!

youthagainstfashion chictopia cross tieAbove, the schoolgirl cross tie is priceless.

youthagainstfashion chictopia crosstieAbove and below, again the cross tie. Holy hell, I need to get myself one.

youthagainstfashion chictopia cross tieyouthagainstfashion chictopia hanjiro tieAbove, tie: unreal.

youthagainstfashion chictopiaAbove and below, the jacket, the tie. Hel-lo, zipper.

youthagainstfashion chictopiayouthagainstfashion chictopia lego heart pinAbove and below, Lego heart pin, yes. I've always been afraid to try this myself for fear of looking more crazy than quirky. And I don't say this often to pants that are less than slim, but I like these. They're kind of surprising considering the fit on top.

youthagainstfashion chictopia lego heart pin
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