photo dump: Contains 8 billion live Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota

More from LA.

Above, the taste of childhood luxury!

Above and below, what I wore half of my time in LA, give or take a sweatshirt. Dress: thrifted + DIY. Bag: J. Crew. Shoes: Palladium. Sweatshirt: DKNY, cousin's.

Above, this picture is supposed to remind me that we went to an outdoor concert (the epitome of summer!), only for me to remember that I really strongly dislike "classic rock," which is the same reason why Mariah and I decided early on that we were always going to use headphones in the dorm.

Above, I really don't like feet, but a trip to Disneyland in those shoes really didn't help the foot tan.

Above, I swear my hair was like this when I woke up.
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