photo dump: de young (un)

I just realized the title looks like a play on "young 'un," but I really just meant to do two posts labeled un and deux. Anyway, a trip to the de Young (sans King Tut exhibit) with Ling-Ling yielded too many photos. Can I start by mentioning how hard it is to take sharp photos through poorly/strategically-lit glass cases?

First, old things from various groups of COLORED PEOPLES! of the world:

Above, epic beading.

Above, more epic beading.

Above, epic beading yet again.

Above, wearable epic beading.

Above, scary epic beading.

Above, I don't know what this is. It is either a hip or pectoral decoration, though, which is... epic.

Above, scary as HELL! I do remember this one is from the African section though. And that the hair is human hair.

Above, feathers! South or Central America, possibly? I'm not very good at keeping track of these things.

Above, another view.

Above, feathers... in a bird form. Which is kind of like using human hair as... hair.

Above, TEEHEE.

Above, Aztec or Mayan, but HAHA! The faces look like something out of a Japanese anime/show.

And now for artistic contributions from WHITE FOLK! Actually some of this stuff might be fairly recent, but I can't remember, so pretend they're all old art.

Above, clock case. Below, clock face.

Above, say yes to rainbows.

Above, I'm pretty sure I took a picture of this because I liked what she was wearing, which is a horrible reason.

Above, she looks awfully saucy for someone going gray.

Above, what a PIMP!

Part deux coming soon to a blog near you.

(Pssst, I mean this one.)
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