things i love: july 09

In July, I wanted to shout out loud because I was thankful for
  • Edwin McCain's "I'll Be"
  • my mother
  • picking names for my plants (Ernestine and Eugenia)
  • the realization that warm milk + tea is...basically milk tea
  • Sunshine, Victoria, and Up
  • YFAT, who have a show coming up
  • Ben Moss, Kyle Riabko, Blake Bashoff (and here and here), and Andy Mientus (and other people with cooler lives than mine)
  • mosquito-hunting at Spenser's house
  • Cooking Mama on the DS
  • Elijah Kelley, the guy who plays Seaweed in Hairspray. (I'm sorry, Ma.) (Your eyes are not deceiving you. He is black. And I think he's cute.)
  • Viking Subs on Ocean with Sunshine
  • Tom Felton and his twitter
  • Lincoln doodling ways to deliver pizza with flying objects, including hippogriffs
  • going to the Curran to get Rent tickets for October
  • waking up and feeling like my whole life was "Good Morning, Baltimore!"
  • Molly Stone, which is in many ways greater than Whole Foods
  • my brotha
  • the twist and snip method of hair cutting to give the back of my head less of a mullet shape
  • A Very Potter Musical
  • Korean-Americans for inventing nectarines
  • pineapple fried rice
  • Freddie Stroma as Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because the over-the-top ice cream scene was painfully funny
  • Tom Felton's Draco Malfoy
  • Taylor Lautner running around shirtless in the New Moon previews
  • Allondra, the new baby (a much better name than what my brother and I predicted, the female version of her brother's name, which would have been Braydina)
  • Daniel Radcliffe in interviews
  • Alan Rickman as Severus Snape
  • swimming, running into Karrie, and that guy named Wes who studied film, although the pool isn't the best place to pick up vision-impaired, underage girls (I think I must be ageist. He couldn't have been more than 21 but I think my mind shuts out anything close to my brother's age).
  • the girl who told me of my serious swimsuit wardrobe malfunction
  • my Mischief Managed mug
  • fried rice with tons of green onion (hear that, Tony?)
  • my Pigfarts stencil
  • reckless carb consumption
  • Lahore Karahi, which is in the TenderTandoorloin
  • the white hat Justin and Griffin gave me
  • free tampons at the Hilton
  • talking, walking, and the sun
  • the luxury of being with people you really like
  • my ASAM instructor this past month, not least because he bought us boba for winning the scavenger hunt
  • my brother for being patient with me in my failures at cooking
  • appreciating what the term Asian-American means
  • learning C, D, E, F, and G on the guitar from my six-year-old cousin
  • Russell Peters and Bobby Lee
  • seeing my 50-something uncle attempt to ride my cousin's Disney Princess bicycle with training wheels
  • crunchy chow mein
  • the physical task of polishing shoes
And for the newest addition to Things I Love, because Things I Love includes boys (and men, despite what my posts may seem to indicate), I give you... Cole Mohr, via the Cole Mohr thread on the Fashion Spot:

cole mohrcole mohr agyness deynAbove, I'm surprised this picture is not lighting your screen on fire because having Agyness Deyn and Cole Mohr in one picture is far too hot for anyone to handle, let alone the voyeuristic aspect.


cole mohr ash stymestAbove, Cole Mohr and Ash Stymest. Also defying chemical (?) properties by not lighting your screen on fire right this very moment!

cole mohrIn an attempt to be politically correct (and because the fact that I am Asian and not as effortlessly into Asian men as I am into ... well, scrawny white guys, apparently), I went combing the internet for hot Asian guys.

Do you have any idea how hard they are to find? It might just be my aesthetics, but I can't count how many extremely awkward websites I had to slog through to find these in the three hours I spent getting intimate with Google. And I don't even think these are particularly good specimens.

I decided to be really lame and choose one picture for each of the five ethnic groups we covered in class (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Indian). I'm not gonna lie. I don't really know who any of these are (except Dev Patel), but here they are in order:

zhang liang chinese male modelAbove, Zhang Liang, Chinese.

hiroshi tamaki japanese male modelAbove, Hiroshi Tamaki, Japanese.

lee seung hyun koreanAbove, Lee Seung Hyun, Korean.

brent javier filipino male modelAbove, Brent Javier, Filipino.

dev patel freida pintoAbove, Dev Patel, Indian (ethnically).

...You know how they say Asian men are effeminate? Well, from what I can tell, aside from Brent Javier...

Oh, shit, I'm racist.
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