The rest of my sophomore year's manifesto goes like this.

I will not buy anything from Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads. ♥ I will not buy underwear. ♥ I will give my time to small children, dogs, and old people. ♥ I will not be embarrassed by how much alone time I need. ♥ I will learn more bus lines.

  • Most of the things I've bought from Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads have been bad decisions, and I definitely don't need to expand my wardrobe anymore. Seeing how much rent is every month also makes me reluctant to siphon any more money out of my family.
  • I have 42 pairs of underwear in regular rotation. And I'm not planning a camping trip anytime soon.
  • This is my city, and it is shameful for me not to know how to get around.
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