photo dump: outlet shopping

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNIE! I hope nothing gives you reason to make this face on your birthday!

Above, I had to borrow my aunt's visor to avoid sunburning before going to Disneyland the next day.

Successfully outlet-shopped in LA (actually, closer to San Diego) in the sense that I did not leave empty-handed or buy things just because they were cheap. (Have I mentioned that I'm back yet? Because I am.)

Above, t-shirt: Hanes. Bag: J. Crew. Shorts: Old Navy, mother's + DIY. Shoes: Palladium.

Above, I am far too old for this.

And this is what I left with:

Above and below, new serious wallet. For serious. Serious wallet is serious. Serious wallet which I am not going to break in until my interim Barbie wallet starts falling apart.

Above, only my second pair of skinnies. I'm pretty sure these are going to be a pain to break in, but my Forever21 pair is about to rip apart at the pocket from my cell phone indentation.

Above and below, my first MAC product, and possibly my Holy Grail of teeth-whitening lipsticks.

Not a particularly fruitful trip in terms of volume, but I hope my three finds will make up for it in quality and longevity.

I find that shopping is a whole other story when you're paying with your own money. I deliberate a lot more and actually think about cost-per-wear. Clearly, I should always pay with my own money.
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